Furniture dismantling and assembly


Furniture dismantling and assembly

montaż i demontaż mebli

Have you just moved to a new apartment? You didn’t have time to buy a full set of tools? Or you simply worry how to change plenty of IKEA boxes into furniture set without unnecessary stress? We are a professional team which can handle dismantling and assembly of your furniture. We will come to you with all tools needed – drill, drill-driver, wrenches, hammer, screws, pins and others.

Furniture transport can be challenging. Bulky items and many movers coming up/down narrow stairs, walking through floors. Bearing that in mind, sometimes it’s recommended to dismantle the furniture (if possible). We face these kinds of issues daily, that’s why we know how to ensure an optimized furniture transport. Furniture assembly and dismantling for transport reasons it’s a common procedure for us. What do we gain by dismantling furniture?

❚Simplified access to narrow corridor and staircase – it’s easier to move smaller pieces.

❚ Reduced transport costs – you can use smaller vehicle and only one or two movers needed.

❚ Increased safety and lower risk of damage – it’s easier to pack and enroll small pieces.

We have a suitable service for you

We understand that furniture transport can be discouraging. No matter if you need to move only one sofa to its new location or replace an old bed with a new one, we will facilitate this process. Simply inform us what kind of furniture you need to pick up and deliver then we will present you the most attractive solution. We offer competitive prices and free basic insurance to guarantee safe furniture transport and your peace of mind. Whatever the type of difficulty, from a single armchair to several heavy and large sofas, we are there to help you. 

Small, huge, local or long-distance removals

Brothers TP services can be adjusted to each kind of removals – national, international, small, huge, domestic or long-distance moves. From one bedroom houses to 6 bedroom tenements, from suburban houses to big mansions. We will advise you how to plan your relocation in a more efficient and cost-effective way. We want to make your life easier and thanks to our reliable removal services you will avoid stress related to this experience.

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It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a single van or rather full fleet of vehicles. We move from single items to entire houses, offices and warehouses.