Furniture transport

transport mebli

Provide us with moving from and moving to addresses and we will find the best solution to transport your furniture. Let us meet your requirements in terms of furniture transport by ensuring the best quality of service at low cost.
Furniture transport can be challenging. Bulky items and many movers coming up/down narrow stairs, walking through floors. Bearing that in mind, sometimes it’s recommended to dismantle the furniture (if possible). We face these kinds of issues daily, that’s why we know how to ensure an optimized furniture transport. Furniture assembly and dismantling for transport reasons it’s a common procedure for us.

What do we gain?

  • Simplified access to narrow corridor and staircase – it’s easier to move smaller pieces.
  • Reduced transport costs – you can use smaller vehicle and only one or two movers needed
  • Increased safety and lower risk of damage – it’s easier to pack and enroll small pieces.

We have a suitable service for you